Introducing Colindale

Posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Colindale is a commuter suburb in north London that has excellent transport links to central London and plenty of local amenities. Some of the attractions of living in Colindale are affordable housing and plenty of local job opportunities. New housing developments in and around the Colindale area look set to transform this suburban area into a trendy area of London to live in.

There are many types of properties in Colindale to suit most budgets, such as detached and semi-detached houses in leafy streets as well as flats in modern apartment buildings.

Colindale is becoming popular with young professionals who work in the City. There are many luxury apartments for sale in modern buildings all with well fitted-out interiors and facilities. In fact, many apartments have their own private gym, swimming pool, and leisure facilities.

Many families choose to live in Colindale. There are plenty of prestigious houses with between three and six bedrooms, private parking places, private gardens, and are in close proximity to local amenities. This makes Colindale an ideal place for families to live in. Many Colindale residents love the fact that they feel they can live in rural seclusion but have the convenience of living in London.

Colindale is only a 30-minute commute on the Tube to central London which makes it easy for work, socialising, and shopping. It’s also a great place to stay if your preferred mode of transport is the car. Colindale is right next to the start of the M1 and the North Circular Road, making it quick and easy to drive north or to travel to other areas of London by car.

One of the benefits of living in Colindale is that it is well-served by many shops and is close to the Brent Cross Shopping centre. Brent Cross is only a 7-minute journey on the Tube on the Northern Line and it offers shoppers many top high-street brands and restaurants.

Living in Colindale you are never short of things to do locally. One of the area’s key attractions is the large number of green spaces to relax in. You are very close to the Brent Reservoir which is a magnet for people going on relaxing strolls through beautiful woodlands and it also boasts a sailing centre. Another popular green area is Silk Stream Park. This picturesque area is part of the Blue Ribbon Network and is a peaceful part of London to spend time in.

Apart from having many green areas, Colindale is also home to the Royal Air Force Museum; a popular day out for plane enthusiasts and families alike.

The choice of high-quality schools in the local area is a major attraction for families with young children. There are various outstanding schools that provide high-quality education for primary and secondary school children. Further education is offered by the Barnet and Southgate college which is one of the largest colleges in north London and provides education for up to 21,000 students.