Living Near the Best Schools in and around Colindale: A Catchment Area Guide

Posted on Friday, February 26, 2021

Colindale is an enormously popular residential location. Families are especially drawn to this area because of the wealth of excellent schools in the vicinity.

With that in mind, here’s a run-through of the best schools in Colindale and their respective catchment areas.

Primary schools in Colindale

Beis Yaakov Primary School

This is a Jewish school for girls on Edgware Road. 71% of its students met the expected standard in reading, writing and maths (the national average is 60%).

Catchment area

There are some excellent properties in the Beis Yaakov Primary School catchment area. For example, you’ll find some stunning modern flats on Grove Park, with an average two-bedroomed apartment costing around £450,000 to £500,000. Other locations to consider include Warneford Court, the streets leading off The Greenway and Colin Park Road.

Colindale Primary School

Colindale Primary School on Clovelly Avenue is another popular choice and like Beis Yaakov its students achieve above the national average in their reading, maths and writing. It was awarded ‘good’ at its latest Ofsted inspection.

Catchment area

There are some spacious family-sized homes in this area such as those on Lynton Avenue or Rushgrove Avenue. Many of these have been sub-divided into flats, with a two-bedroomed apartment in this location costing around £400,000.

Barnfield Primary School

A little further north you’ll find Barnfield Primary School. Situated on Silkstream Road, it was rated ‘outstanding’ at its last Ofsted inspection and 78% of its students are currently achieving expected results for reading, writing and maths.

Catchment area

To be within this school’s catchment area you’ll need to search for properties around Silkstream Park. There are some large apartments around the A5 in this area (priced at around £500,000) and a few attractive semi-detached homes in places like Angus Gardens.

The Orion Primary School

The Orion Primary School is a large establishment, with approximately 1,000 students. It’s a community school (located on Grahame Park Way) and accepts pupils from the age of 2 to 11. There are 120 places available for prospective students and applications must be made with the local council.

Catchment area:

This school has the advantage of being next to Woodcroft Park which makes it an even more desirable area. Woodcroft Avenue is not only close to the park but also has some beautiful 1920s semi-detached properties from around £750,000. Alternatively, those looking for something more moderately priced might appreciate the modern terraced properties in locations like Field Mead. These go for as little as £450,000.


Secondary Schools in Colindale

Brampton College

Brampton College is located in neighbouring Hendon but accepts students from the Colindale area. It’s a highly regarded independent school with 97% of its students achieving 5+ GSCEs grade 4 to 9. By contrast, the national average is just 60%.

Catchment area

To maximise the chances of your child being accepted into this college, search for properties in the eastern-most part of Colindale – in locations such as Colindeep Lane. There are some appealing modern apartments here, priced at £350,000 to £550,000.

St James Catholic High School

St James Catholic High School is a voluntary aided school, accepting students aged 11 to 18. 74% of its pupils achieved 5 or more GSCEs in last year’s exams (grade 9-4), which is far higher than the average for the country.

Catchment area

Developers have been busy in the area surrounding nearby Boulevard Drive and as a result you’ll find plenty of luxurious modern apartments for sale here. Anticipate paying around £700,000 to £800,000 for a three-bedroomed flat in this location. Beaufort Park and Beaufort Square are well worth considering.

Hasmonean High School for Boys

This Jewish school is a little further away but as it’s regarded as one of the best establishments in the UK, it’s worth mentioning. At its last Ofsted report it was awarded ‘outstanding’ and pupils regularly achieve excellent GSCE results.

Catchment area

To be in with the best chance of being accepted at this school, search for properties in west Colindale, in locations like Aerodrome Road or Colindeep Lane. You’ll find some competitively priced apartments here (ranging from £350,000 to £600,000 on average), which also offer excellent proximity to the M1 motorway.