West Finchley is a London Underground station

Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2017

West Finchley is a London Underground station in the Finchley area of the London Borough of Barnet, north London.

The station was opened by the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) on 1 March 1933 on its line to High Barnet.[4] It opened to serve new housing developing in the area and was built with only modest station structures from the outset. Many fittings were taken from stations in the north of England. The footbridge has been claimed to come from Wintersett and Ryhill station in Yorkshire, which had closed in 1930, although its station footbridge does not look the same in photographs.[5]

The section of the High Barnet branch north of East Finchley was incorporated into the London Underground network through the "Northern Heights" project begun in the late 1930s. West Finchley station was first served by Northern line trains on 14 April 1940[6] and, after a period where the station was serviced by both operators, LNER services ended in 1941.[4]