Property Shortlist

Hi, welcome to your property shortlist, where you can save your favourite properties for later viewing.

Narrowing down the properties that don’t fit your search criteria and keeping tabs on the ones that make the cut can quickly get confusing.

This is your personal property portfolio, giving you the facility to instantly compare and save the properties you like and the ones that suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for flats to let in Finchley or property for sale in Mill Hill, you can use this service to identify the winning properties.

How does it work?
1: When viewing a property just click on "Add to Favourites" and it will be saved for later viewing.
2: Clicking on the "View Your Favourites" link in the websites navigation bar at any time will show all your saved properties.
3: The properties added to your favourites are conveniently saved for you and can be viewed at any time while searching Squires Estates website.
4: It doesn't matter where you are, your saved properties will always be a click away.

Search our properties online or get in touch if you have any questions.